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Dear Steve,

I am writing to thank you once again for our dog Lily's stay this past week. We were concerned leaving Lily with her leg not being well, but returned home to find her quite happy and in good condition. I cannot say enough about the value that Deer Path Kennels provides, specifically the peace of mind and confidence I have when leaving my pet. I walk away knowing Lily will have as good (or better!) a stay away than I.

Since our first meeting and your “interview” of Lily and through all our stays, I’ve always been extremely satisfied with your services and facilities. The professional, pleasant business dealings and the clean, well maintained kennel is just the beginning- your individual attention and personal care for the dogs is tremendous.

We’ve found Deer Path to be an excellent venue, where Lily is very well cared for and interacts with you, your family, your pets and other boarding dogs. You are an excellent judge of canine character and consistently provide the needed or appropriate care. Care is a pet owner’s main concern during the stay and Deer Path Kennels always provides the required and usually exceeds, whether it’s a good run, play time, special attention (feeding and/or medications), a good petting, or simply a clean warm area to sleep.


Bill Rowohlt

Deer Path Kennels has truly been a blessing in my life for years!  If my German Shepard and Chesapeake Bay Retriever could write comments, they would surely attest to this blessing as well. Thank you, Steve, for always providing a "home away from home" for my dogs. Cleanliness mixed with love and sincere caring welcomes them with every visit. I never hesitate to take a vacation anymore knowing that my dogs are so well taken care of. 

Patti Clemente


Just wanted to send a note to thank you for the great service you provide to Pal during his stays these past (almost) 10 years! I am always impressed with the cleanliness of your kennel facilities. The kennel provides spacious pens and a great exercise area the dogs can run around in. The skylights are a great feature, too!

Thanks also for arranging drop off and pick up times that work with my schedule. I look forward to having Pal stay there again in the future. I know Pal is being well cared for while we are on vacation and that gives us great peace of mind.

Best regards,

Kathy Hildin

Our dog Savannah is a 4-year-old Golden Doodle, and a big part of our life. To leave her behind for a family trip used to be pretty stressful, that is, until Deer Path Kennels.

We had tried numerous kennels, yet all had disappointed.  With a vacation quickly approaching, we asked our "vet" for a recommendation. Without hesitation, he quickly responded "Deer Path Kennels".  We called the kennel, and were quickly introduced to the enthusiastic Steve, the owner of the kennel and caretaker of the dogs.

It is easy to tell that Steve has a true passion for dogs.  He has created a fun and safe environment for the dogs. The kennel is impeccably clean and well-tended.  But more so, Steve takes the time to get to know the dogs. He plays with them on a regular basis and ensures that he creates a friendship with each individual dog.  Savannah adores Steve.  Upon hearing his name, she becomes genuinely excited.  It's a relief to know that Savannah will enjoy her stay at Deer Path Kennels just as much as we will enjoy our own vacation.  I cannot recommend Deer Path Kennels enough. It truly is the epitome of dog care.

Johanne Courchesne


Thank you.  It is very comforting to have found friends to help care for our dog while we are away.  It would seem a simple task to care for another’s animal but experience has taught me otherwise.  Our dog has been cared for by our veterinarian and by home sitters but both lacked the attention our dog requires. Unlike our visits to the veterinarian, Lisa (a Shiba Inu) is always excited about the visit to Deer Path Kennels and displays a great fondness for Steve, a rare exhibit for our dog.

Thank you for the peace of mind while we are away – if only you took cats.

Matt Rummler

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to share with you our heartfelt thanks for taking great care of our two dogs while we were away.  I very much appreciated all the time you took in speaking to me, explaining everything to me and answering the many questions that I, and every new border must have. After our first meeting it was clear to me that you were very capable of caring for our dogs, including the one that was going to potentially present a special challenge.  Much to our pleasure, it was an uneventful week for Duke and Olive and they seemed excited, happy, and content when we arrived to pick them up. It was wonderful to go on vacation for a week knowing that our dogs were in good hands, and under a watchful eye. Your unique kennel set up seems to allow for personalized attention for each, and all of the dogs.

For those dog owners that might be considered a little "over the top" about their pets (myself included), and everyone else, it so important to feel that our dogs will receive personal care and attention when leaving them with you, and indeed I did. We look forward to boarding Duke and Olive with you again.


Jordanna and Lou

Deer Path Kennels is a phenomenal kennel.  In our family, it is not a kennel, it is our dog's "second home". Like most dog owners, we want the best care for our dog, especially when we are not around. Deer Path is a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment.  It also allows our dog to play and interact with other dogs which is a treat for a family with only one dog.  Steve, the owner of Deer Path Kennels, is amazing.  He loves our dog and is genuinely glad to see him.  We can't even say the words, "Do you want to go see Steve?" in our house as our dog goes crazy and can't wait to get into the car.  The only bad part, our dog doesn't want to come back home!  We could not ask for anything more than to know that our dog is in capable and loving hands when we are not around.

Susan Palisi

When it comes to our Chihuahua, there are no limits that Barbara and I would not go to for her health and safety. I know that we have done that by finding Steve and Deer Path Kennels. We see how excited Macie gets when we pull onto the property and especially when she sees Steve. And also as important, Steve is spoken of very highly by the local veterinarians. You know it's almost like going to the Four Seasons Hotel for dogs. Rest assured that your pet, big or small, will have significant socialization time with other pets as well as the highest quality of care and attention in an extremely well-maintained and managed facility.

Eric B. and Barbara L. Schoenfeld

Our two-year old Labrador loves to go to Deer Path Kennels. We often take her with us on short trips, but for the longer ones, it's a relief to know that there's a place she can stay where she is safe and happy. The Horans love dogs, and they enjoy what they do -- and it shows. I know Lilly is getting wonderful care. She goes outside often and plays with the other dogs, which she loves. If Steve would just let her sleep on his couch, I don't think she'd ever want to come home!

Stacy Reagan

At the recommendation of a trusted friend and our vet, we brought our Dachshund, Rudy (now 3 1/2 years old) to Deer Path Kennels back in 2009. We have been loyal customers ever since. When we drop Rudy off at Deer Path Kennels, we know exactly what to expect: a clean and comfortable kennel, plenty of exercise and playtime, discipline, and lots of love from Steve Horan and his entire family. We know Rudy is happy there because when we arrive, he pulls up the driveway barking and wagging his tail! And, when we pick him up, we can tell he has been well-cared for. Steve's love for dogs and his knowledge of dogs and their needs has been invaluable to us. He takes the time to get to know your dog, his personality, and all his quirks. When we're away, we have complete peace of mind that Rudy is getting the best care possible which means our family can relax and enjoy wherever we are without ever worrying about our dog! Priceless!

Marcy Brenner

Knowing that your dog is safe and happy while you're traveling is a necessity for dog owners who must board their pets. We've been fortunate enough to board our dogs with Steve Horan and Deer Path Kennels since he opened his facility. His services are exceptional. Steve is passionate about caring for dogs, and clearly loves what he does. Steve has cared for all four of our family dogs over a period of many years. Our beloved Labrador Retriever, Jake, spent a few weeks at Deer Path Kennels every year throughout his lifetime, from the time he was a puppy until his final summer at age 13, and he enjoyed every minute he spent there. Our newest Labrador, Caesar, also loves to stay at Deer Path Kennels -- he can't wait to get out of the car when we get there and sometimes doesn't event want to come back home with us.

Mary Ellen Landolfi

Thank you for always taking such good care of our Labradoodle Barley. He loves coming to visit you and his friends at "doggy camp!" Being deaf, Barley needs a little more attention. You and your family provide a fun, nurturing environment for him. We are able to enjoy family vacations knowing our furry baby is in good hands. I recommend Deer Path Kennels to everyone!

Judy Cooper

I am the proud owner of a beloved, 7 year old dog named Lucy. I have never had to previously board her before, so when I planned a week long vacation, I did a lot of research. I called around to several local kennels and went on tours. The last kennel that I visited was Deer Path Kennels. After seeing the nice, clean facility and speaking with Steve, I knew right away that this was where I wanted Lucy to stay.

Steve Horan was very professional from the initial phone call to the day I picked her up. He answered all of my questions and offered a lot of insight on how to prepare Lucy for her stay and how to deal with some of her behavior issues. When I dropped Lucy off for her week-long stay, I was confident that she wound enjoy her time spent at Deer Path Kennels.  When I returned, Steve went above and beyond with accommodating my schedule and giving me a thorough breakdown of Lucy's stay.  You can tell that Steve truly enjoys what he does.

I would recommend Deer Path Kennels to a close friend and even a complete stranger. The personalized attention that your cherished family pet receives and the peace of mind you get is priceless.

Kevin Scally
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